Nov 16, 2020

How To Know If A Sanitizer Is Safe To Use: CBC News

With recalls being issued in Canada for more than a hundred brands of hand sanitizers, The National’s Andrew Chang ex...

Nov 16, 2020

6 Sanitizers That Don't Smell Like Vodka

Our alcohol-free hand sanitizer was recently featured on Vita Daily:

Nov 16, 2020

What To Put In Your Backpack This Year: CBC Kids

Not sure what to put in your backpack during COVID-19? Check out this news article from CBC Kids featuring our alcoho...

Nov 16, 2020

New Study Shows Innovative Ecological Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Is An Effective Alternative To Alcohol Sanitizers

A study has shown that Hunter Amenities' innovative new line of Ecological™ and Ecossential™ non-alcohol, paraben-fr...
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