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Ecological is a Canadian brand that was created by Hunter Amenities in 2020.  Located in Burlington, Ontario, Hunter Amenities has been operating since 1981 and is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of personal care products.

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Using our experience and expertise in the personal care industry, we committed to creating a line of safe and effective products that would help protect our families and communities. Our products are made for all ages and skin types and we are constantly innovating and thinking of new ways to keep Canadians clean and healthy

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Benzethoni- um what? It's okay, we have a tough time saying it too. Benzethonium Chloride (BZT) is a powerful antibacterial compound that is an approved active pharmaceutical ingredient by Health Canada for antiseptic skin cleansers. (In simple terms, it is a widely used sanitizing agent). Okay..but how effective is it in killing germs? It's very effective! We conducted an independent third-party study on our sanitizers which showed that they are just as effective in killing germs and bacteria as alcohol-based sanitizers.

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